The AGR Manifesto 2015

AGRManifesto2015 The AGR Manifesto 2015 includesa series of recommendations for the future government to help employers, schools and universities to fully prepare young people for the world of work.

The Manifesto 2015 calls on all political parties to tackle unpaid internships, and make work experience provision more appealing to employers by offering tax incentives. Work experience and internships play a strong role in the overall productivity of the UK workforce, so employers need to provide more opportunities and educators need to play their role to inspire students to get on board.

The AGR manifesto calls for:

  • The embedding of employability skills into all levels of education.
  • Better enterprise education in schools and universities.
  • The government to challenge Ofsted to be rigorous in reviewing schools’ delivery of careers advice.
  • Schools, universities and employers to build stronger partnerships.
  • The tackling of social mobility to help students reach their full potential.
  • Measuring of universities’ levels of engagement with employers.
  • Increased high-quality work experience for students whether at school or university.
  • Tax incentives for employers to provide valuable work experience.
  • The government to champion the contribution which international students make to both universities and employers.
  • A streamlined visa process for employers recruiting international graduates.
  • Students to take a proactive approach to gaining work experience.

View the Manifesto here.

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