What do current members say about AGR membership?

Employer Perspective

“Being a member of the AGR is integral to any organisation/HR professional who is serious about the graduate market. As change is a constant, I find the knowledge and expertise held within the AGR and with fellow members, is an excellent way to keep abreast of market trends.  This sharing of knowledge can make a real difference when quick and effective decision making is needed on the way to do things now, and in the future.”

Simon Fletcher, Group HR Talent Manager, Amey

“Being an active member of the AGR has benefitted Enterprise in various ways, from being able to benchmark process and data with other member organisations, partner on joint ventures and help us to establish best practice in the area of diversity.”

Ashley Hever, Enterprise

"I have found the sector focus group to be a very useful arena for getting to know other organisations in my sector and learning about what best practice looks like. Even after years of attending I remain surprised by how open and collaborative the discussions are despite the fact that we are also close competitors."

Edward Walker, Graduate Recruitment Manager for Pinsent Masons

“Jaguar Land Rover have been members of the AGR for a number of years and it is invaluable.  I came into this role around 6 years ago with no experience of recruitment whatsoever(!).  The AGR were (and continue to be) extremely helpful in providing information and guidance through those early days (whether based on research they’ve done or survey results/data they hold) – and with our organisation being a data driven organisation, it helps to formulate business cases if we can point to data and research from credible sources.  I've attended some of their courses in the past and they have helped advance my professional knowledge, and myself or a member of my team will attend the conference each year.  I don’t personally use it, but through the growing activity of the ‘development’ arm of the organisation, colleagues in the graduate development team find those interactions and activities of great use too.  Personally I find the sector focus groups the greatest benefit. Ours is always well attended and the other attending recruiters are always honest and open about topics, lessons learned and it is a great way to create a relevant contact network.”

Robinder Gill, Graduate, Undergraduate & Apprentice Recruitment Manager, Jaguar Land Rover

“After taking on a new role last year within Network Rail (NR) that oversaw the Graduate and Apprenticeship recruitment schemes, I was faced with the challenge of finding new ways to promote and thus increase the visibility of these programmes to meet our ambitious plans to recruit a far larger number of Graduates in 2014 – 2015. I needed to get the NR Executive Team on board and secure investment to enable us to invest in campaigns that were high impact and had a much wider reach when compared to previous years.

“In order to get buy in from the Exec team and key stakeholders, I had to produce and present a business case that had to include sound data and benchmarking information.  The AGR were fantastic in providing  me with well thought out and easily accessible data, as well as in hosting thought provoking events and answering my questions in person.  Without their support I would not have felt confident in the data and thinking behind my business case when presenting to the NR Exec Team.

“In March 2015, Network Rail will celebrate 10 years of their successful, award winning Apprenticeship programme and in 2014, Network Rail recruited over 350 candidates in to a mix of Apprenticeship, Graduate and Year in Industry placements, covering a wide range of roles from head office placements to frontline engineering.  We have ambitious plans to continue to grow our programmes and will continue to work with all our stakeholders to achieve this.”

Fiona Tabraham, Engineering Capabilty Manager, Network Rail

“Since being a member I have found partaking in or attending by the AGR organised events, conferences, activities etc. very informative, educational and rewarding. Excellent networking opportunities and a great way of continuously staying abreast on the ever evolving and changing landscape that is graduate recruitment and development. The AGR has particularly worked hard at shaping their services and products to cater for all the different industries the AGR community represents and adding value from a research, benchmarking and content standpoint.”

Steph Ahrens, Executive Director, Morgan Stanley

“AGR has provided a broad range of events for us to attend throughout the year - industry specific and cross sector, both of which are valuable in different ways. Within the industry specific events, it is constructive to share experience and gain ideas from other employers that are looking to recruit similar skill sets or volumes as your own. Also (if nothing else) it is reassuring to know that similar employers are having the same challenges as you, providing a broader team to brainstorm solutions. The cross sector events provide an interesting and alternative view on Graduate/Student hiring, they are a great way to understand new techniques which could be modified and applied within your specific industry, which may have not been considered previously.

“The community of other recruiters and careers advisors created by AGR, is a unique and vital network that could not be gained elsewhere. This has allowed a 2-way dialogue to bridge the gap between education and employment.”

Shannon Diment, Graduate Recruitment, IBM CHQ Human Resources (UK)

Supplier Perspective

“Having been an AGR member for over 10 years I have found the best way to maximise my membership is through being ‘active’ as a member, I don’t just attend events I get involved. Through supporting the AGR in the planning of and speaking at events, and adding my voice to the development of the AGR, I have raised both my profile personally in the sector and that of my organisation. In short, the more you give (your time) the more you get!”

Simon Reichwald, Director, Bright Futures and MyKindaCrowd

University Perspective

“The AGR is an amazingly good value for money network and the new AGR Chief Executive, Stephen Isherwood, has led the AGR through a noticeable quantum leap in relation to the sophistication in thought-leadership themes to help the membership engage with the challenges we all face addressing the development of the employability talent-pipeline between universities and employers.  I dream of the day when AGR and AGCAS ‘rock and roll’ as the new ‘zeitgeisters’ http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b02zbyxh

Linda Buckham, Director, Careers and Employability Centre, University of Sussex

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