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Employers up pay offers as skills shortage fears mount

Employers are increasingly upping pay offers to new recruits to secure the best talent in the face of a tightening labour market, according to a new survey. More than two in five employers who had difficulty recruiting candidates said they...


UK in skills crisis as young workers struggle with reading and maths

Britain is facing a severe skills shortage as poor education at schools followed by weak training for adults has left young workers struggling to meet basic standards for reading and maths. Almost every other developed country has had more...


Focus on behavior when recruiting Gen Z

The latest edition of Graduate Recruiter is out and has a special focus on apprenticeships. Here’s a taste of what’s inside with an article by Craig Preston, Managing Director of Inspirational Development Group (IDG) on the impor...


England alone with assessment-only apprenticeships

Research on eight countries with strong vocational systems has shown England is the only one that will have end-point assessment-only apprenticeships. The report, called "The role of qualifications and end-point assessment in apprenticeship...


Drop in teacher training recruits revealed

There are fears it could get even tougher to recruit teachers after a drop in the number of trainees on courses in England. The latest figures show a 7% drop in acceptances on to teacher training courses for this year. Read more on&nbs...

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