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December 07, 2016 07.12.16

Disadvantaged children less likely to go to university than richer peers with similar grades

Children from poorer backgrounds are less likely to go to university than wealthier students with similar exam results...

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December 07, 2016 07.12.16

UK lags behind in global school rankings

The UK is still lagging behind leading countries at education and has made little progress in international rankings...

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December 05, 2016 05.12.16

Female graduates earn £6,500 less than male equivalents

Top female employees earn an average of £6,500 a year less than their male counterparts five years after leaving...

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December 05, 2016 05.12.16

Poorer white pupils underperform in later academic choices

Students from white British backgrounds are often holding themselves back by making poor educational choices, with many...

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AGR Blog

December 02, 2016 02.12.16

Why we should care about student migration

Student migration from the UK’s regions to London hit the headlines last week with a report from Centre for Cities. AGR...

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November 22, 2016 22.11.16

How employers manage global recruitment

With our Global Student Recruitment and Development Conference just weeks away, we asked four employers to share their...

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November 18, 2016 18.11.16

Top tips for entering the AGR Development Awards

With the deadline for entering the AGR Development Awards just four weeks away, awards officer Tej Rai gives her top...

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November 09, 2016 09.11.16

How can employers and HE collaborate to better global recruitment?

Dr Nalayini Thambar, Director of Careers and Employability at The University of Nottingham considers how employers and...

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Latest Events

January 25, 201725.01.17

Postgraduate Study Fair

Want to meet hundreds of enthusiastic, committed graduates and professionals looking to continu...

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January 25, 201725.01.17 - 16:30

Law Fair 2017 - Recruitment and networking event - Nottingham Trent University

This event is an opportunity to access our talent pool of undergraduate and postgraduate studen...

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February 08, 201708.02.17

The Careers Fair 2017

Promote your new or yet-to-be-filled vacancies at The Careers Fair, a national event open to al...

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