CBI's response to the latest government proposals for apprenticeship funding

The long-awaited government proposals for apprenticeship funding in the new system have been published for consultation


Two new members join AGR Scotland & the North Steering Group

We are delighted to announce the appointment of two new members to the AGR Scotland & the North Steering Group. Kirstyn Love (ScottishPower) and Lyndsay Bamber (Specsavers) join the group with immediate effect.


AGR Scotland and the North launch new Steering Group

A new Steering Group has been launched to review activity associated with the AGR Scotland and the North group.


AGR's response to HE Green Paper, and Briefing Paper for new MAC Tier 2 visa recommendations

Stephen Isherwood, Chief Executive of AGR has written a response to the government's HE Green Paper and AGR have also composed a Briefing Paper for the recent review conducted by the Migration Advisory Committee regarding Tier 2 visas.


'Welcome to 2016' and AGR's AGM

On Monday 25th January, over 150 members came together at BPP University as AGR held their first event of the season – and what a day it was!


“The facts are always friendly”- AGR Diversity Forum 2015

On a cold Monday morning, over 30 people came together at the AGR offices to discuss diversity: a topic that is always on the mind of a student recruiter. This forum started the week of insightful discussions on school leavers, development and leg...


Jillian Burton and Rob Farace celebrate their time on the AGR Board of Directors

After four years as part of the AGR Board of Directors, Jillian Burton and Rob Farace come to the end of the time with us at the end of this year. Both have played key roles helping the AGR evolve and have sponsored significant projects at board l...


Unconscious bias at the recruitment sifting stage

David Cameron recently announced plans to work with big-name employers to create screening processes for graduate applicants in which the candidate names are not visible by the screeners (so-called ‘name-blind’ applications). Current organisations...


Recruitment of Non-EU International Students into the UK

Recruitment of Non-EU International Students into the UK AGR Positioning Paper – September 2015


AGR’s Stephen Isherwood and Sarah Hathaway attend the Conservative Party Conference this week, amid protesters and George Osborne’s moment in the spotlight.

On Monday, before even entering the Conservative Party Conference zone, they were met with vocal protesters and high levels of security. “The protesters are a lot more hostile than they appear on the news, and I don’t think they realise that ma...


‘If In Doubt, Blame The Politicians…’

The General Election is imminent and it looks unlikely that either main party will manage a majority, so we’re likely to see a coalition. The uncertainty of this arrangement, and the priorities that result, breed uncertainty; uncertainty giv...


Challenging the Status Quo

The Sutton Trust research brief, Parliamentary Privilege looked at the school and university education of 260 candidates who were already selected by mid-December 2014 either to replace sitting MPs from their own parties or in seats that their par...


Ladies Who Learn

The number of women in the UK workforce has increased by more than 20% over the past 20 years, so that today they make up nearly half of all workers(i). More women are in work than at any time since records began in 1971, at just over 14 million o...


Why UK Education Needs Disrupting

Today’s schooling system was designed at a time when the expression ‘knowledge is power’ held true. But times have changed, and success today is at least as much about EQ (Emotional Intelligence) as it is about IQ, yet there is a...


Employability: What Works?

Whatever happens after May's General Election, we can expect tight budgets and a search for efficiencies says Karl Hobley, Senior Engagement Co-ordinator at the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA), as universities and employers ali...


How can Business-University Collaboration aid skills development?

The UK economy is recovering from an exceptionally long and deep recession, and the recovery is now firmly embedded, with growth of 2.7 per cent forecast this year, and employment at a record high and rising. But the global economy is fraught with...


Moving Mobility Up The Agenda

So many organisations want people who have drive, resilience and work ethic, yet their recruitment practices constrain them to recruiting in ways that miss these very people. Government wants to promote social mobility in organisations, and while...


The Future of Work - NUS

As the 2015 General Election approaches, the National Union of Students (NUS) is placing an increasing emphasis on student and study-leaver employment issues, building on its Commission on the Future of Work report, launched in March 2014. The rep...


The Student Fee Rise – Four Years On

In November 2010, as students protested across the country over the change to £9k fees, UCAS was receiving applications for the last year of £3k tuition fees. As the admissions cycles have unfolded, the Analysis and Research team at UC...


Reed Smith: Creating Business-Ready Graduates

In November 2014 the Government made two related announcements in support of its drive to create economic growth, and one of the key points highlighted in both announcements was the need for business and universities to collaborate more closely. I...


Room For Improvement

With the General Election just around the corner, what are some of the most pressing issues facing business, Higher Education and Further Education? Nicola Smith asked a selection of industry and political figures to share their thoughts on what t...


How to attract graduates to jobs in challenging regions

Just two years into the British Council’s global scheme, the organisation has graduates in all corners of the globe, from Russia to Libya, Bangladesh to Poland, but it struggles to recruit for some great opportunities in challenging regions...


The Global Mindset: Revealed

What is all the fuss about global mindset? Can it really be that important? Charlie Reeve, Head of Early Career Programmes, Arriva, says “yes, it can, and I can prove it...” He explains below… The Financial Times off...


The Globalisation of Graduate Recruitment

In a world made smaller and more accessible by technology, businesses are increasingly operating on a global stage. While this opens up huge opportunities to tap into a larger, more diverse customer base, it also demands a changing workforce to me...


Diversity data - what information is out there?

We asked five suppliers to share an insight into their diversity data, together with an overview of some of their key findings…   1. How diverse is the workplace? Organisation: MyKindaCrowd Brief overview of data: Research carried a...

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