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The AGR Surveys help employers, suppliers and universities make better decisions about student talent. By capturing the best snapshot of graduate-specific recruitment and development information in the UK, we help key stakeholders identify new challenges, respond to new trends, secure resources within their organisation and create great opportunities for students. Each year, we survey our national employer membership and analyse their key activity across more than 15 sectors, 12 regions and into the future.


Surveys are free for members on our Data Dashboard and priced for non-members (£225+VAT per survey). If you wish to purchase one of the surveys, please contact Sam Gordon.


We typically run three main surveys a year for our employer members, as follows:

AGR Annual Development Survey – collected in November/December and launched at our Annual Development Conference in March. The focus is on development programmes and their resourcing and impact as well as retention and skills.

AGR “hot topic” survey – collected in April and launched at our Annual Conference in June/July. The past two years, these hot topics of interest to the industry have been Diversity & Inclusion and “How do you and your team compare?” in terms of HR resourcing and salaries.

AGR Annual Survey – collected in June/July and launched at a special event in September. The focus is on all aspects of student recruitment including salaries, cost per hire, internships, marketing activities, time to hire, and changes to selection instruments.

We also run small pulse surveys on seasonal trends  – such as vacancy predictions in Jan/February and unfilled vacancies in September/October.

Our analysis isn’t just for the largest recruiters either – half of our respondents are companies that employ 50 graduates or less. Our Research Analyst can answer questions on these surveys and we present key trends at AGR events throughout the year.


Email to obtain your membership log-in if you don’t have one yet.

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