AGR Policy Statements

See below for official AGR policy statements on:

  • Endorsements and Sponsorship
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Non-EU Migration


The AGR Policy on Endorsements and Sponsorship

During its long history AGR has frequently been approached to endorse products and services operating within the graduate recruitment industry. The trend is for more requests and offers to be made and it is easy to see why. The AGR has developed a powerful brand over the years but the Association has, by and large, resisted such overtures.  

For further information please download the Endorsement and Sponsorship policy document.


 ● Equality and Diversity: Age Legislation Policy Statement

The following policy refers specifically to the 2005 Coming of Age consultation project. AGR’s professional interest in the Coming of Age exercise is restricted to the graduate market and specifically the recruitment, selection and development of graduates on to graduate schemes, hence the following document deals directly with the age legislation issues that are of most concern to our members.

For further information please download the full Age Legislation Policy Statement document.


● AGR's response to the Government's limit on non-EU migration (introduced April 2011)

The introduction of an annual limit on non-EU migration has generated cause for concern among the AGR’s membership, which represents a large number of leading graduate recruiters in the UK.

Ultimately AGR members want to be able to hire the best graduate talent for their business regardless of where the graduates come from, in a cost effective way and not falling foul of regulations. Unfortunately, many members have raised concerns that these new measures will negatively impact on the entire recruitment process.

The main concerns of AGR members are set out in the full Non-EU Migration policy document.

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