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How to create meaningful employer brand content

  Everyone’s talking about content marketing, but few employers are doing it well. Nathan Perrott, Director of Digital Marketing Strategy at AIA Worldwide, explains what you need to consider. We define content marketing...


Enhance social mobility with university partnerships

Laura Brammar, Senior Careers Consultant at The Careers Group, University of London, shares an employer initiative that’s helping less advantaged students enhance their career prospects. While many employers are eager to tap new...


Tackling diversity in recruitment

Dan Hawes, Co-Founder of the Graduate Recruitment Bureau (GRB) shares advice from the BBC’s Diversity and Inclusion Lead on tackling diversity in recruitment.   For more than 20 years GRB has had the privilege of worki...


Reducing reneged offers

Samuel Gordon, Research Analyst at the AGR, considers our latest data on reneged offers and what employers can do to beat them. Employers go to great lengths to find the best students for their organisation. Based on the AGR’s A...


3 graduate assessment tech trends

Three developments in graduate assessment will make recruiters’ lives easier, says Dr Achim Preuss, co-founder and chief technology officer of international talent measurement and assessment specialist cut-e. Advances in technol...

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